We’ve been hard at work preparing for the release our Radiant modification & other mod tools enhancements, but before they can be released, we needed to update Game_Mod at least one more time. The old version has a number of rather annoying bugs, and was missing a number of features that would’ve made using the mod tools (including Radiant) rather irritating. Today, we are releasing a somewhat large update for Game_Mod which contains a number of badly needed improvements and bug fixes. It’s also worth noting, (especially for those who are waiting patiently for Radiant, etc.), that this update was developed alongside working on the other tools, Radiant, and the other tools, have not been forgotten and are approaching their initial release.


  • Add support for mod.json instead of description.txt
  • Added support for game_mod version requirements through mod.json metadata
  • Increase maximum mod metadata length
  • Removed invisible button on the custom maps menu
  • Add CreateFX Support (openfile / closefile / fprintln functions for GSC/CSC)
  • Resolved a server command bug that has been present since at least WAW
  • Add scr_useFastFileOnly (prevent’s loading raw script files during development)
  • Add scr_suppressErrors (suppress error message boxes)
  • Add game_mod version info to cg_drawVersion
  • Add cg_drawViewPos (Always show the player’s view position and angles in the corner of the screen)
  • Add com_cfg_readOnly (Prevent the config file from being rewritten)
  • Additional user settings (r_playerShadow / ai_water_trails / LOD settings) in Settings->Performance
  • Restore support for Insane corpse count option
  • Reflection baking revisions
  • Weapon code revisions
  • Various limits released
  • SSE2 support has been enabled
  • Many more miscellaneous improvements & changes.