There’s a bit of confusion around where we stand with the Black Ops Radiant progress, so I thought I’d clarify a bit: Radiant itself is essentially done, the tools are not – there is no scheduled release date right now; They’ll go up when they’re ready.

The video that I posted one year ago did demonstrate several working features – but a lot of things have changed since that video was posted. Our version of Radiant for Black Ops is a modified version of World at War’s Radiant to allow the loading of Black Ops assets. At the time of the video, Radiant was running on a mixture of World at War and Black Ops assets, mixing the material pipelines together to properly render materials as the shaders, techsets, techniques, etc. – None of the assets below the material level were natively from Black Ops.

Sometime later, Nukem and I took it upon ourselves to get the Black Ops material pipeline working with Radiant natively, something that was not a small task. We did however eventually get the renderer working with Black Ops natively which removed the need for a lot of the overrides and other tweaks used in old code, and for more models, etc. to draw. It’s still not perfect, but it’s essentially as good as its going to get without sinking incredible amounts of time into the renderer, something which isn’t worth the time or effort.

The map demonstration video was actually recorded sometime in September of 2015, before the initial Launcher modification was even made – the mapping pipeline consisted of various batch files and command line tools, something was clearly not viable for general users; As a result, we threw together a modification for Launcher to serve as a graphical interface for developing maps. This version of Launcher, seen in the Radiant demonstration video, was a working copy of a modification of the vanilla Black Ops Launcher, which was tweaked to work with our tweaks for cod2rad, cod2map, and so on. This modification however was rather experimental and was missing numerous features, and has several other features that were simply broken; Because of this, I rewrote the modification for Launcher entirely to correct these issues.

Numerous other modifications and improvements were made to the mapping pipeline, including:

  • Rewriting our cod2rad modification to resolve various lighting issues seen in the map demonstration video.
  • Removing the need for a modified World at War sp_tool to connect paths, and bake reflections
  • Rewriting the reflection code for game_mod
  • Numerous miscellaneous improvements.

I did say that Radiant itself is finished, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire set of mapping tools is ready to be released. Several upcoming mods, as well as the mapping tools themselves depend on a currently unreleased development version of game_mod, which is incomplete. Several new features have been implemented by Nukem and together we have revised and resolved countless other issues present in the currently released public version. Unfortunately, one (or more) of these features were in development when Nukem effectively went silent, I haven’t heard from him in several weeks and none of the features that he was working on have been touched since then. Meanwhile I still need to complete the setup code, write sound utilities and begin packaging various assets for the final release, as well as resolve any issues that arise between now and then.

We are close, but there is still work to be done - thus I will likely be posting semi-frequent updates here in the future.